Companies covered: 372
Notes issued last week: 21
Notes issued last month: 66

Broker Sector Coverage - notes issued over the last 3 months

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Most upside (3 months)

Most Upside shows the companies potential share price percentage gain; the potential share price increase from the current share to the broker target price
  Company % change
  CyanConnode PLC 726.45
  eServGlobal Ltd 221.29
  SRT Marine Systems Plc 191.26
  Minds + Machines Group Ltd 136.11
  Thinksmart Ltd 135.71
  Angle PLC 134.78
  Universe Group PLC 129.17
  Proteome Sciences PLC 83.25
  DX Group Plc 80.90
  Flowtech Fluidpower Plc 77.69

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Performance Analysis (6 Months)

Recommendations (3 months)