Overall market sentiment (1 month)

Companies covered: 522
Notes issued last week: 0
Notes issued last month: 1

Broker Sector Coverage - notes issued over the last 3 months

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The performance data below is delayed by 3 months.

Most upside (3 months)

Most Upside shows the companies potential share price percentage gain; the potential share price increase from the current share to the broker target price
  Company % change
  7digital Group Plc 278.18
  Royal Mail Plc 51.22
  Easyhotel Plc 45.95
  Go-Ahead Group (The) PLC 43.02
  Centaur Media PLC 41.30
  Drax Group PLC 33.69
  Greencore Group PLC 33.20
  Daily Mail and General Trust PLC 33.01
  Pearson PLC 32.86
  Card Factory Plc 27.65

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Performance Analysis (6 Months)

Recommendations (3 months)