Overall market sentiment (1 month)

Companies covered: 380
Notes issued last week: 10
Notes issued last month: 74

Broker Sector Coverage - notes issued over the last 3 months

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The performance data below is delayed by 3 months.

Most upside (3 months)

Most Upside shows the companies potential share price percentage gain; the potential share price increase from the current share to the broker target price
  Company % change
  Renewi Plc 188.13
  Quiz Plc 153.57
  Superdry Plc 130.33
  Thomas Cook Group PLC 127.99
  Nostrum Oil & Gas Plc 125.62
  Restaurant Group (The) PLC 113.86
  Victoria PLC 111.57
  Intu Properties 108.24
  Kosmos Energy Ltd 103.41
  GVC Holdings Plc 99.77

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Performance Analysis (6 Months)

Recommendations (3 months)