Position: RES
Holding Balance: 17,485 (0.0000%)
Appointed in 2009, resigned on 2012-05-02

Deals on 08 December 2011

DeclaredDealtTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPosSharesPriceValueCur. price% GainGain
09/12/112011-12-08SELLAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES9,000£324.43£29,199305.50p

All Deals

DeclaredDealtTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPosSharesPriceValueCur. price% GainGain
20/11/2019/11/20BUYERMEuromoney Institutional Investor PLCLeslie Van de WalleCH5,000£10.53£52,630967.00p-8.13
13/02/2012/02/20SELLCRSTCrest Nicholson Holdings PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES16,000£4.97£79,549300.80p
04/06/1931/05/19BUYERMEuromoney Institutional Investor PLCLeslie Van de WalleCH3,500£13.47£47,147967.00p-28.21
22/10/1819/10/18BUYCRSTCrest Nicholson Holdings PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES20,000£3.05£61,074300.80p-1.50
12/06/1812/06/18BUYCRSTCrest Nicholson Holdings PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES12,000£4.21£50,520300.80p-28.55
12/10/1711/10/17SELLRWARobert Walters PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES15,000£5.91£88,650422.00p
16/05/1716/05/17SELLSHISig PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES50,000£1.26£63,00030.50p
29/06/1629/06/16BUYSHISig PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES50,000£1.09£54,60030.50p-72.07
29/06/1629/06/16BUYRWARobert Walters PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES20,000£2.67£53,400422.00p58.05
17/11/1517/11/15BUYSHISig PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES25,000£1.26£31,62030.50p-75.89
17/10/1416/10/14BUYRWARobert Walters PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES10,000£2.84£28,350422.00p48.85
10/10/1410/10/14BUYSHISig PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES20,000£1.45£29,00030.50p-78.97
21/12/1220/12/12BUYRWARobert Walters PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES15,000£2.00£30,000422.00p111.00
09/12/1108/12/11SELLAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES9,000£3.24£29,199305.50p
08/12/1107/12/11SELLAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES12,826£3.33£42,659305.50p
22/11/1117/11/11DRIPAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES826£2.90£2,395305.50p0.00
30/09/1130/09/11BUYAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES12,000£3.02£36,272305.50p1.07
08/08/1105/08/11BUYAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES9,000£3.53£31,812305.50p-13.57
18/05/1118/05/11BUYAV.Aviva PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES15,000£4.37£65,610305.50p-30.16
12/05/1111/05/11BUYDCCDcc PLCLeslie Van de WalleRES670€22.43€15,0285,850.00p0.00
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Transaction types:

  • BUY - Buy
  • SELL - Sell
  • EXR - Exercise
  • SEXR - Sale Post-Exercise
  • DRI - Dividend Reinvestment
  • DRIP - Dividend Reinvestment Plan
  • AWD - Award
  • TIN - Transfer In
  • TOUT - Transfer Out
  • LOF - In Lieu of Fees/Salary
  • SI - Scrip Issue
  • PLAC - Placing
  • RIS - Rights Issue

Director positions:

  • CEO - Chief Executive Officer
  • CH - Chairman
  • MD - Managing Director
  • FD - Financial Director
  • NED - Non Executive Director
  • ED - Executive Director
  • RES - Resigned
  • D - Director / Unknown