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Samarkand Group (SMK)

Samarkand Group was founded in 2016 in London, Samarkand is a cross-border eCommerce company focused on connecting Western brands with China, the world’s largest eCommerce market. In the last 5 years, the Chinese eCommerce market has evolved at breakneck speed, yet our mission remains as relevant as ever – to make Chinese eCommerce simple, accessible, and profitable for brands and retailers of all sizes.

SourceBio International (SBI)

SourceBio International (SBI) is an international provider of integrated state of the art Laboratory Services and Products. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in UK, Europe and the USA,

Trackwise (TWD)

is the manufacturer of printed circuit boards. The company's circuits are used in RF/antenna and lightweight interconnect products, across multiple market sectors and applications

Yellow Cake (YCA)

is a specialist company operating in the uranium sector. The principal activity of the company is to invest in uranium projects.

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