SHARES Investor Evening (London)


AB Dynamics (ABDP)

Anthony Best Dynamics supplies advanced testing systems to the global motor industry, for research and development and for production quality control.

We design and manufacture specialised systems for:

■ Kinematics and compliance testing
■ Vehicle dynamics testing on the track
■ Vehicle Dynamics / Driver in Loop Simulation
■ Driver assistance system (ADAS) testing
■ Autonomous vehicle testing
■ Steering system testing
■ Noise/vibration (NVH) testing of powertrain assemblies


Evgen Pharma (EVG)

Evgen Pharma is a clinical stage drug development company focused on cancer and neurological disease. Our pipeline is based on our proprietary Sulforadex® technology, and includes a number of synthetic, stabilised analogues of the naturally occurring compound sulforaphane. Many peer-reviewed scientific papers have identified the medical potential of sulforaphane in multiple indications. Our objective is to use our Sulforadex® technology to turn this scientific promise into commercially successful products, addressing important clinical needs.

Silence Therapeutics (SLN)

Silence Therapeutics is a leader in the discovery, development and delivery of novel RNA therapeutics for the treatment of serious diseases.

ValiRx (VAL)

ValiRx Plc (VAL) is a life science company, which focuses on clinical stage cancer therapeutic development, taking proprietary & novel technology for precision medicines towards commercialisation and partnering.