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Allianz Technology Trust

Allianz Technology Trust PLC is managed by Walter Price who is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager on the AllianzGI Technology Team in San Francisco, having joined in 1974. Walter is a current Director and past president of the M.I.T. Club of Northern California. He also heads the Educational Council for M.I.T. in the Bay Area and is a past Chairman of the AIMR Committee on Corporate Reporting for the computer and electronics industries.

Guinness Asset Management

Guinness is independent and focused purely on investment management. Our in-house economic, industry and company research allows us to take an independent view and not be led by the market. Our size and specialist nature also means we have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any market movements.

At heart Guinness Asset Management is a value (or growth at reasonable value) investor. We combine strategic sector-selection with a fundamental screening process to identify stock opportunities.


Founded in 2010, Versarien utilises proprietary technology to create innovative new engineering solutions that are capable of having a game-changing impact on a broad variety of industry sectors.

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