Player Trades:
  • madhavithanki bought £1602.77 WORTH OF AMERISUR RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P @ 15.88p
  • madhavithanki sold £665.76 WORTH OF VERSARIEN PLC ORD 1P @ 76.00p
  • madhavithanki sold £975.41 WORTH OF UK OIL & GAS INVESTMENTS PLC ORD 0.01P @ 1.40p
  • RAJNI SHAH bought £2864.15 WORTH OF RIO TINTO PLC ORD 10P @ 3,625.50p
  • Chad bought £6952.04 WORTH OF GLENCORE PLC ORD USD0.01 @ 369.20p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1476.6 WORTH OF TRAVIS PERKINS PLC ORD 10P @ 1,284.00p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1470.7 WORTH OF RIT CAPITAL PARTNERS PLC ORD #1 @ 1,910.00p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1480.2 WORTH OF PETROFAC LIMITED ORD USD0.02 @ 493.40p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1482.05 WORTH OF NATIONAL GRID PLC ORD 12 204/473P @ 771.90p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1482.5 WORTH OF MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC ORD 25P @ 332.40p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1475.6 WORTH OF KELLER GROUP PLC ORD 10P @ 868.00p
  • Kiki2000 bought £1481.51 WORTH OF FERREXPO PLC ORD 10P @ 299.90p

    Fantasy Investor is the stock market game produced by Shares where you can put your trading techniques to the test using virtual money. Our leading virtual stock exchange platform provides a realistic experience of trading first-hand.

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    Earn badges & achieve milestones to unlock more virtual cash each month. Even though your portfolio is wiped clean at the start of the new month, don't worry.

    You'll get to keep your badges and milestones and receive that extra virtual cash. Visit your portfolio to see how you're performing.

Latest in-game stats

  • £3,067,931 Total invested
  • £1,658,448 In stocks
  • £221,555 In funds
  • £1,187,928 In cash
  • £13,291 Total stamp duty
  • 1,157 Trades placed


  Player Value
1 ljmuk £19,321
2 voger £18,500
3 Xavier £18,134
4 dillan52 £17,133
5 The gambler £17,050
6 rafferty878 £17,018
7 killer £16,730
8 BealerBizzle £16,708
9 Cookie £16,566
10 Chad £16,431

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