Quick Stats

Bid Price GBX 57.64 Offer Price GBX 57.97
Mid Price - Day Change GBX -0.13 (-0.23%)
Price Date 8 Jul 2020 Crown Rating 4
Shares Class Acc. Yield 1.90 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 17 February 2020 Dividend Frequency Semi-annually
Sector Volatility Managed Fund Size 365,298,111.62
Launch Date 21/08/2013 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 0.61% Annual Management Charge 0.00%

Fund Objective

The objective of the fund is to provide a combination of growth and income and to keep the fund within a pre-determined risk profile. The fund is part of a range of risk profiled funds. The risk profile ranges from 1-10 with 1 being the least risky, and 10 being the most. This fund is a 7. The level of risk in the fund is managed by restricting the types and proportions of the assets it holds.The fund’s potential gains and losses are likely to be limited by the objective to stay within its particular risk profile. The target risk profile for the fund is set by an independent company, and is based on the historic return and volatility of different asset types. We use our experience and research, together with research and allocation guidelines from this independent company to restrict the types of assets held and the allocation of each asset type to stay within the target risk profile.The fund will have exposure to company shares, company and government bonds (a type of loan that pays interest), cash and UK commercial property. The fund will have a strong bias towards company shares.The bonds the fund is exposed to may be investment grade or sub-investment grade. Investment grade means that the bond is rated as lower risk by a rating agency, while sub-investment grade bonds will be classed as higher risk, but with a potentially higher return.In order to achieve this exposure, at least 75% of the fund will be invested in other authorised investment funds. At least 50% of the fund will be invested in index-tracker funds which are operated by Legal & General.The fund may also invest in money market instruments (a form of loan that pays interest and is designed to have a stable value) and bank deposits.The fund may use derivatives (contracts which have a value linked to the price of another asset) to:• reduce risk or cost; or• generate additional capital or income with no, or an acceptably low, level of risk

Fund Managers

Justin Onuekwusi
Justin is a senior multi-asset fund manager and Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), sitting within a team that is responsible for managing over £50bn. Justin first began my career in 2003 as a senior investment analyst at AON Hewitt, before moving across to Bank of America in 2007 where Justin worked as a manager and research analyst. Justin also worked with Aviva Investors as a multi asset fund manager before joining LGIM in 2013. Justin co-chair the Legal & General Inclusion Team (LEGIT). LEGIT aims to create a culture that supports all of Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) through networks and events across five key areas: leadership engagement, talent attraction and development, leadership development, marketing and communications and community engagement. In addition to these company-wide initiatives, Justin also chair the Investment Diversity Working Group, which focuses on driving inclusivity across the investment floor. Finally, Justin is on the diversity and inclusion team for our parent company, Legal & General (L&G). Over the course of his career in the City, Justin have seen the workplaces that function best and are most productive when employees bring different backgrounds, experiences, opinions and ways of thinking to the table. However, Justin also regularly noticed that there was still a huge lack of diversity across many firms and wanted to do whatever Justin could to highlight and address this. Workplaces should be aware of the positive impact of diversity, and push hard to foster positive, inclusive environments where everyone feels welcome and be themselves. Inclusion should be exactly what it says on the tin, and that EVERYBODY deserves a seat at the table based on their competence rather than a label that highlights just one aspect of who they are. When this doesn’t happen, employees instead spend their time and energy trying to hide who they really are in order to feel more accepted and progress at work, impacting their relationships with colleagues, productivity and essentially their happiness and wellbeing. Nobody should have to experience this.
Andrzej Pioch
Andrzej is a fund manager in the Multi-Asset Funds team at Legal & General Investment Management. His responsibilities cover the portfolio management and on-going development of both institutional and retail multi-asset funds, including multi-factor equity funds. Prior to joining LGIM in July 2014, he was a fund manager at Aviva Investors. Originally from Poland, he completed the MSc programme in Finance at Bocconi University in Italy and also holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and social science from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
Francis Chua
Francis is a fund manager in the Multi-Asset Funds team and assists in the management of the multi-index funds. Francis joined LGIM in October 2016 from Aviva where he was a senior investment analyst.Francis is a manager researcher, with focus on fixed income and alternative investments. He draws parallels with football managers by looking for skill and consistency, while giving nothing away to the managers he meets. We certainly can’t tell what he’s thinking as he types away on his Dvorak keyboard (apparently non-QWERTY keyboards exist…!) Staying true to his Malaysian roots, he balances his steady day-to-day routine with a good dose of adventure abroad.