Quick Stats

Last Price £186.74 Day Change £0.27 (0.0014%)
Price Date 7 Dec 2023 Morningstar Rating 4
Shares Class Acc Yield 1.56 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 01 January 2020 Dividend Frequency -
Sector Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares Fund Size 0.00
Launch Date 01/01/2020 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 0.22% Annual Management Charge 0.00%

Fund Objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to hold investments that will pay out money and increase in value through exposure to a diversified portfolio comprised of approximately: 40% by value of shares; and 60% by value of bonds and other similar fixed income investments. The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing more than 90% of its assets in passive funds that track an index, which are managed or operated by the ACD or its associates.

Fund Managers

Vanguard Investments UK, Limited