Quick Stats

Last Price £2.68 Day Change £0.01 (0.0019%)
Price Date 30 Nov 2023 Morningstar Rating 4
Shares Class Acc Yield 1.13 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 01 January 2020 Dividend Frequency -
Sector Fund Size 0.00
Launch Date 01/01/2020 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 1.00% Annual Management Charge 0.00%

Fund Objective

The fund aims to produce a return in excess of SONIA (Sterling Overnight Index Average) in all market conditions, over any three-year period after all costs and charges have been deducted and with less volatility than the MSCI World Net Total Return Index. There is no guarantee that a positive return will be achieved over any time period and capital is at risk. The Fund aims to achieve its objective by investment in a portfolio of long equity positions and uses derivatives to take synthetic short equity positions. At least 70% by value of the aggregate of these long and short positions will be in companies listed in EEA Member States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom or the United States of America. It may also invest in the shares of companies throughout the world (including emerging markets).

Fund Managers

Liontrust Investment Partners LLP