Quick Stats

Last Price £1.37 Day Change £0.00 (0.0023%)
Price Date 1 Dec 2023 Morningstar Rating 3
Shares Class Acc Yield 2.61 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 01 January 2020 Dividend Frequency -
Sector Targeted Absolute Return Fund Size 0.00
Launch Date 01/01/2020 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 0.90% Annual Management Charge 0.00%

Fund Objective

The objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve a rate of return in sterling terms that is equal to or above a minimum return from cash (SONIA (30-day compounded)) + 4% per annum over five years before fees. In doing so, it aims to achieve a positive return on a rolling three year basis. To achieve its investment objective, the Sub-Fund will invest in a broad diversified range of asset classes. The Sub-Fund may invest directly or indirectly in equities, fixed interest securities, currencies, cash, near cash, deposits, warrants, infrastructure, renewable energy, property, commodities and approved money market instruments. Exposure to these asset classes is expected to be achieved through a combination of transferable securities, collective investment schemes (which may include those managed or operated by the ACD or an associate of the ACD) and derivatives.

Fund Managers

BNY Mellon Fund Managers Limited