Quick Stats

Last Price £1.70 Day Change £0.00 (0.0026%)
Price Date 5 Dec 2023 Morningstar Rating 2
Shares Class Acc Yield 1.06 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 01 January 2020 Dividend Frequency -
Sector Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares Fund Size 0.00
Launch Date 01/01/2020 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 1.34% Annual Management Charge 0.00%

Fund Objective

The objective of the Sub-fund is to provide a balance of capital growth and income over 3 years (investors should also consider this to be the minimum recommended holding period). The Sub-fund will invest a minimum of 70% in regulated collective investment schemes (which may include schemes operated by the Investment Adviser, associates or controllers of the Investment Adviser) in any economic sector and any geographic area, across a wide range of assets. The Sub-fund may also invest directly (maximum of 30%) in shares, bonds, cash, near cash instruments, investment trusts, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and structured products (which may embed a derivative). Overall exposure to shares, either held directly or through collective investment schemes will be a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 60%.

Fund Managers

Margetts Fund Management Limited