Quick Stats

Mid Price GBP 1.32 Day Change GBP -0.01 (-0.43%)
Price Date 13 Sep 2019 Crown Rating 3
Shares Class Acc. Yield 0.00 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 01 May 2019 Dividend Frequency Annually
Sector Global Fund Size 162,755,310.96
Launch Date 09/07/2008 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 1.31% Annual Management Charge 1.25%

Fund Objective

The Fund aims to increase the value of your investment over the long term. It looks to outperform the MSCI ACWI Index over rolling 3-year periods, after the deduction of charges.The Fund is actively managed and seeks to gain at least 75% of its investment exposure to shares of companies worldwide. This exposure to company shares is achieved by taking both long and short equity positions. Long positions, which allow the Fund to profit from an increase in the share price of a company, are taken by investing in company shares directly, as well as indirectly using derivatives, and collective investment schemes (including funds managed by Columbia Threadneedle companies) when considered appropriate. Short positions, which allows the Fund to profit from the fall in the share price of a company, are taken using derivatives only. Typically, the combination of these positions provides exposure to fewer than 140 companies.The Fund follows an "equity extension strategy", which allows proceeds from short positions to be used to extend long positions within the portfolio, to include more of the fund manager's strongest investment ideas. However, the Fund does not usually short more than 30% of its value, and long positions don't normally exceed 130% of the value of the Fund.Derivatives are sophisticated investment instruments linked to the rise and fall of the price of other assets. Derivatives will be used to obtain, increase or reduce exposure to underlying assets and may create gearing. Where gearing is created, the net asset value of the Fund may experience more fluctuation than if there were no gearing.The MSCI ACWI Index is regarded as providing an appropriate representation of the share performance of large and medium-sized companies worldwide, currently with more than 2,700 companies included. It is representative of the type of companies in which the Fund invests and provides a suitable target benchmark against which Fund performance will be measured and evaluated over

Fund Managers

Neil Robson
Neil Robson is Head of Global Equities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments. He took up this role in July 2017. He joined the company in 2011 as a portfolio manager within the Global Equities team. He is the deputy manager of the Threadneedle Global Select Fund and manages a number of global equity mandates for institutional clients. He is also the co-manager of the Threadneedle Global Extended Alpha Fund.Before joining the company, Neil worked as a fund manager at companies including Martin Currie, Barings and Citibank. In addition, he was Head of Global Equity at Pioneer Investments from 2003 to 2009.Neil has an Economics degree from the University of Bristol.
Ashish Kochar
Ashish Kochar is a portfolio manager for the Threadneedle Global Extended Alpha, American Extended Alpha, American Absolute Alpha and American Select funds. He also is responsible for consumer sector research.Ashish joined the company in 2008 as a senior portfolio analyst within the US Equities team and subsequently joined the Global Equities team in 2010. He joined the company from a ‘Tiger Cub’ hedge fund and previously worked as an analyst for Merrill Lynch in New York. Ashish holds an MBA from Mason School of Business, The College of William and Mary.