Fancy doubling your money in a year by investing in an exciting stock? It’s hard but certainly not impossible. The new issue of Shares discusses 11 stocks which analysts are confident could increase by 100% in value or more within 12 months.

This week’s digital magazine also looks at two new investment trusts targeting the smaller end of the market. You will find a discussion on what the recent fall in the oil price means for BP and Royal Dutch Shell’s 7%+ dividend yields. Shares also looks at what happens when an ETF becomes too popular.

Anyone seeking new investment ideas has plenty to enjoy in the new magazine. There are articles on a defence expert, the world’s largest advertising agency and a property fund tapping into the rented home market, among others.

You can also read about ways to assess exchange-traded funds, what Apple could do with its billions of dollars in cash and why Alton Towers’ owner Merlin Entertainments is trading at an all-time high.