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Friday 31 May 
abrdn Property Income Trust Ltddividend payment date
Albion Development VCT PLCdividend payment date
Alternative Income REIT PLCdividend payment date
Arbuthnot Banking Group PLCdividend payment date
Balanced Commercial Property Trust Ltddividend payment date
Bankers Investment Trust PLCdividend payment date
Bellevue Healthcare Trust PLCdividend payment date
City of London Investment Trust PLCdividend payment date
CQS New City High Yield Fund Ltddividend payment date
Custodian Property Income REIT PLCspecial dividend payment date
CVC Income & Growth Ltd EUROdividend payment date
CVC Income & Growth Ltd GBPdividend payment date
Derwent London PLCdividend payment date
Diverse Income Trust PLCdividend payment date
Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust PLCdividend payment date
Ecofin Global Utilities & Infrastructure Trust PLCdividend payment date
EJF Investments Ltddividend payment date
Elementis PLCdividend payment date
Global Opportunities Trust PLCdividend payment date
Greencoat UK Wind PLCdividend payment date
Henderson Far East Income Ltddividend payment date
Henderson International Income Trust PLCdividend payment date
Henry Boot PLCdividend payment date
Ibstock PLCdividend payment date
IWG PLCdividend payment date
JPMorgan American Investment Trust PLCdividend payment date
JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets Ltddividend payment date
Kier Group PLCdividend payment date
Marwyn Value Investors Ltddividend payment date
Mobeus Income & Growth VCT PLCdividend payment date
NB Global Monthly Income Fund Ltddividend payment date
Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust PLCdividend payment date
Picton Property Income Ltddividend payment date
Portmeirion Group PLCdividend payment date
PPHE Hotel Group Ltddividend payment date
PRS REIT PLCdividend payment date
Reach PLCdividend payment date
Robert Walters PLCdividend payment date
Senior PLCdividend payment date
Shaftesbury Capital PLCdividend payment date
Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) C Ltddividend payment date
STV Group PLCdividend payment date
Target Healthcare REIT PLCdividend payment date
Taylor Maritime Investments Ltddividend payment date
TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund Ltddividend payment date
Vesuvius PLCdividend payment date
Weir Group PLCdividend payment date
Monday 3 June 
4imprint Group PLCdividend payment date
Ascential PLCspecial dividend payment date
Ashtead Technology Holdings PLCdividend payment date
BAE Systems PLCdividend payment date
J Smart & Co (Contractors) PLCdividend payment date
JPMorgan China Growth & Income PLCdividend payment date
JPMorgan Claverhouse Investment Trust PLCdividend payment date
Vector Capital PLCdividend payment date
Zotefoams PLCdividend payment date
Tuesday 4 June 
GCP Asset Backed Income Fund Ltddividend payment date
GCP Infrastructure Investments Ltddividend payment date
Spectra Systems Corpex-dividend payment date
Wednesday 5 June 
Carr’s Group PLCdividend payment date
Ecora Resources PLCdividend payment date
Epwin Group PLCdividend payment date
Genuit Group PLCdividend payment date
Glencore PLCdividend payment date
Porvair PLCdividend payment date
Sabre Insurance Group PLCspecial dividend payment date
Thursday 6 June 
Aberforth Split Level Income Trustex-dividend payment date
Abrdn European Logistics Income PLCex-dividend payment date
AJ Bell PLCex-dividend payment date
Albion Technology & General VCT PLCex-dividend payment date
Arbuthnot Banking Group PLCex-dividend payment date
Assura PLCex-dividend payment date
Balanced Commercial Property Trust Ltdex-dividend payment date
Billington Holdings PLCex-dividend payment date
BlackRock Sustainable American Income Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
Bodycote PLCdividend payment date
Capital Gearing Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
Computacenter PLCex-dividend payment date
Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
Edinburgh Investment Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
Energean PLCex-dividend payment date
Equals Group PLCex-dividend payment date
FDM Group Holdings PLCex-dividend payment date
Gemfields Group Ltdex-dividend payment date
Good Energy Group PLCex-dividend payment date
Helios Underwriting PLCex-dividend payment date
Henderson European Focus Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
Informa PLCex-dividend payment date
Integrafin Holdings PLCex-dividend payment date
J Sainsbury PLCex-dividend payment date
Jersey Electricity PLCex-dividend payment date
JLEN Environmental Assets Group Ltdex-dividend payment date
Johnson Matthey PLCex-dividend payment date
Judges Scientific PLCex-dividend payment date
Learning Technologies Group PLCex-dividend payment date
Legal & General Group PLCdividend payment date
Marshalls PLCex-dividend payment date
Menhaden Resource Efficiency PLCex-dividend payment date
Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLCex-dividend payment date
Microlise Group PLCex-dividend payment date
National Grid PLCex-dividend payment date
National World PLCex-dividend payment date
Pets At Home Group PLCex-dividend payment date
Renew Holdings PLCex-dividend payment date
Restore PLCex-dividend payment date
Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income PLCex-dividend payment date
Robinson PLCex-dividend payment date
RTC Group PLCex-dividend payment date
Smiths News PLCex-dividend payment date
STS Global Income & Growth Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
Topps Tiles PLCex-dividend payment date
Utilico Emerging Markets Trust PLCex-dividend payment date
VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities PLCex-dividend payment date
Vodafone Group PLCex-dividend payment date
Wickes Group PLCdividend payment date
WPP PLCex-dividend payment date
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Abrdn European Logistics Income PLC (ASLI)

-0.09p (-0.15%)
delayed 14:48PM


+26.00p (+6.55%)
delayed 14:50PM

Albion Technology & General Vct PLC (AATG)

0p (0.00%)
delayed 06:30AM

Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC (ARBB)

+15.00p (+1.48%)
delayed 14:21PM

Assura PLC (AGR)

+0.26p (+0.62%)
delayed 14:49PM

Balanced Commercial Property Trust Limited (BCPT)

-0.14p (-0.16%)
delayed 14:49PM

Billington Holdings PLC (BILN)

+12.80p (+2.64%)
delayed 14:47PM

Capital Gearing Trust PLC (CGT)

+5.00p (+0.11%)
delayed 14:49PM

Computacenter PLC (CCC)

+24.00p (+0.87%)
delayed 14:50PM

Edinburgh Investment Trust PLC (EDIN)

+6.00p (+0.80%)
delayed 14:50PM

Energean PLC (ENOG)

+32.00p (+3.06%)
delayed 14:50PM

Equals Group PLC (EQLS)

+2.00p (+1.83%)
delayed 14:11PM

Fdm Group (Holdings) PLC (FDM)

-14.22p (-3.36%)
delayed 14:46PM

Gemfields Group Limited (GEM)

-0.38p (-3.16%)
delayed 14:46PM

Good Energy Group PLC (GOOD)

+4.00p (+1.34%)
delayed 13:50PM

Helios Underwriting PLC (HUW)

+2.90p (+1.64%)
delayed 13:58PM

Informa PLC (INF)

-5.00p (-0.59%)
delayed 14:50PM

Integrafin Holdings PLC (IHP)

+8.00p (+2.19%)
delayed 14:49PM

Sainsbury (J) PLC (SBRY)

+2.80p (+1.05%)
delayed 14:50PM

Jersey Electricity PLC (JEL)

0p (0.00%)
delayed 06:51AM

Jlen Environmental Assets Group Limited (JLEN)

+1.01p (+1.12%)
delayed 14:49PM

Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT)

+6.00p (+0.35%)
delayed 14:50PM

Judges Scientific PLC (JDG)

+200.00p (+1.76%)
delayed 14:06PM

Learning Technologies Group PLC (LTG)

-0.20p (-0.23%)
delayed 14:49PM

Marshalls PLC (MSLH)

+4.50p (+1.30%)
delayed 14:49PM

Menhaden Resource Efficiency PLC (MHN)

-1.00p (-0.96%)
delayed 10:13AM

Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC (MBH)

+1.69p (+1.74%)
delayed 14:11PM

Microlise Group PLC (SAAS)

-4.45p (-3.13%)
delayed 14:45PM

National World PLC (NWOR)

-0.15p (-0.92%)
delayed 10:58AM

Pets AT Home Group PLC (PETS)

+10.00p (+3.31%)
delayed 14:50PM

Renew Holdings PLC (RNWH)

+6.00p (+0.57%)
delayed 14:50PM

Restore PLC (RST)

-3.50p (-1.30%)
delayed 14:44PM

Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income PLC (RCOI)

-$0.01 (-0.55%)
delayed 13:51PM

Robinson PLC (RBN)

+5.00p (+4.35%)
delayed 07:58AM

Rtc Group PLC (RTC)

+3.75p (+3.26%)
delayed 14:30PM

Smiths News PLC (SNWS)

+0.94p (+1.58%)
delayed 14:47PM

Sts Global Income & Growth Trust PLC (STS)

+3.30p (+1.53%)
delayed 14:27PM

Topps Tiles PLC (TPT)

-0.87p (-1.99%)
delayed 14:33PM

Utilico Emerging Markets Trust PLC (UEM)

+1.52p (+0.67%)
delayed 14:47PM

Vodafone Group PLC (VOD)

+0.28p (+0.40%)
delayed 14:50PM


+18.60p (+2.56%)
delayed 14:50PM

Bodycote PLC (BOY)

+10.00p (+1.40%)
delayed 14:49PM

Wickes Group PLC (WIX)

+0.80p (+0.56%)
delayed 14:41PM

Legal & General Group PLC (LGEN)

+2.10p (+0.92%)
delayed 14:50PM