Source - SMW
VTB Bank Supervisory Council has recommended a dividend of RUB 0.00117 per ordinary registered share. The dividend is subject to shareholder approval at the annual general meeting. The total dividend on ordinary shares will amount to RUB 15.17 bn.

The supervisory council also recommended that the AGM pass a resolution to pay out RUB 90.3 mn in dividends on preferred shares, or about RUB 0.0000042 per share. The recommended dividend on Type A preferred stock is RUB 17.84 bn or approximately RUB 0.0058 per Type A preferred share with a face value of RUB 0.1.

The total dividend payout is expected to amount to 67.3% of VTB Bank's 2015 net profit of RUB 49.14 billion according to RAS.

The supervisory council also passed a resolution to elect Vladimir Verkhoshinsky to the bank's management board. His appointment will become effective once approved by Moscow Main Territorial Department of the Central Bank of Russia.

Previously in his role as deputy president and chairman of Bank of Moscow Vladimir Verkhoshinsky coordinated retail banking business, which was merged into VTB Bank.