Source - SMW
Milestone Group announces the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Green Skills Partnership (GSP) to promote Milestone's Passion Project and its digital charitable giving platform, Alchemy.

GSP has more than 44 members and brings together employers, local councils, trade unions, environmental organisations, education providers, community groups including Housing Associations and state agencies.

Both of the Company's digital platforms fit with GSP's core aims of delivering high quality skills training, raising awareness and overcoming barriers to sustainable employment with an emphasis on young people and supporting sustainable development in the charity sector. 

Over the last 12 months GSP has successfully delivered on a Construction Industry Training Board and Greater London Authority joint initiative to place 300 unemployed construction workers into work placements. 

Of these, 150 started jobs, with 100 continuing in sustained employment. Initially GSP focused on the construction sector but has widened that focus to include providing apprenticeships for the finance, law, IT and business administration sectors.