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Trainer Wortham CBO V Ltd
29 August 2016

Corporate Trust Services

9062 Old Annapolis Road

Columbia, MD 21045-1951

MAC: R1204-010








To:  Holders of Notes and Preference Shares

Additional parties on Schedule A


WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION ("Wells Fargo"), serves as Collateral Agent (the "Collateral Agent") pursuant to that certain Security Agreement (the "Security Agreement") dated as of November 30, 2004 among TRAINER WORTHAM CBO V Ltd., as Issuer (the "Issuer"), Trainer Wortham CBO V, Corp., as Co-Issuer (the "Co-Issuer, and together with the Issuer, the "Co-Issuers"), U.S. Bank National Association (formerly HSBC Bank USA, National Association) as Notes Trustee, Trainer, Wortham & Company, Incorporated, as Collateral Manager and the Collateral Agent.  Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meaning ascribed to such terms in the Security Agreement.


            I.          Notice to Nominees and Custodians.


            If you act as or hold Notes or Preference Shares as a nominee or custodian for or on behalf of other persons, please transmit this notice immediately to the beneficial owner of such Notes or Preference Shares or such other representative who is authorized to take actions.  Your failure to act promptly in compliance with this paragraph may impair the chance of the beneficial owners on whose behalf you act to take any appropriate actions concerning the matters described in this notice.


            II.        Notice of Auction to be Conducted Pursuant to Section 4.05(e) of the Security Agreement.


Notice is hereby given that an Auction will be conducted in accordance with Sections 4.05(e) and Annex F of the Security Agreement on September 20, 2016 (the "September 2016 Auction Date").  The Collateral Agent shall sell the Portfolio Collateral on the September 2016 Auction Date only if the sale would result in sale proceeds, together with the Balance of all Permitted Investments and Cash in the Accounts, greater than or equal to the Auction Call Redemption Amount; provided that Holders of 100% of the Aggregate Principal Amount of any Class of Notes or holders of 100% of the Preference Shares may elect to receive less than 100% of the portion of the sale proceeds from the Portfolio Collateral and the Balance of Permitted Investments and Cash in the Accounts that would otherwise be payable to Holders of such Class or the Preference Shares, respectively and in either such case, the Auction Call Redemption Account shall be reduced accordingly.


If you are a Holder of Notes or Preference Shares and wish to elect to receive less than 100% of the portion of the sale proceeds from the Portfolio Collateral and the Balance of Permitted Investments and Cash in the Accounts that would otherwise be payable on the Payment Date following the September 2016 Auction Date, and thereby reduce the Auction Call Redemption Amount, please contact the Collateral Agent at least 5 Business Days prior to the September 2016 Auction Date at:


Wells Fargo Bank, National Association

9062 Old Annapolis Road

Columbia, Maryland 21045

Attn:   CDO Trust Service - TRAINER WORTHAM CBO V Ltd.

Fax: 866-359-9244

Email:  [email protected]


            You may direct questions and requests for the Auction Solicitation Package containing details of the upcoming auction to the attention of Karen Taylor by telephone at 410-884-2149, by e-mail at [email protected], by facsimile at 866-359-9244, or by mail addressed to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Corporate Trust Department, Attn.: Karen Taylor, MAC R1204-010, 9062 Old Annapolis Road, Columbia, MD 21045-1951.


            The Collateral Agent may conclude that a specific response to particular inquiries from individual holders of Notes or Preference Shares is not consistent with equal and full dissemination of material information to all holders of Notes or Preference Shares.  Holders of Notes or Preference Shares should not rely on the Collateral Agent as their sole source of information. The Collateral Agent makes no recommendations and gives no investment advice herein or as to the Notes or Preference Shares generally.


Dated: August 26, 2016                       


Schedule A


Holders of Notes and Preference Shares:*  89288FAA0, 89288FAB8, 89288FAC6, 89288FAD4, 89288FAE2, G8993FAA9, G8993FAC5, G8993FAE1, 89288E303




c/o Intertust SPV (Cayman) Limited

190 Elgin Avenue

George Town,

Grand Cayman KY1-9005,

Cayman Islands

Attention: the Directors

Telecopy no. 345-945-4757




c/o Puglisi and Associates

850 Library Avenue, Suite 200

Newark, Delaware 19711

Facsimile: 302-738-7210

Attention: Donald J. Puglisi


Rating Agencies:

Moody's Investors Service

7 World Trade Center

250 Greenwich Street

New York, New York 10007

Attn: CDO Monitoring

Facsimile No.: 212-553-0355

e-mail: [email protected]


Standard & Poor's

55 Water Street, 41st Floor

New York, New York 10041-0003

Fax: (212) 438-2664

Attention: CBO / CLO Surveillance

E-mail: [email protected]


Collateral Manager

Trainer, Wortham & Company

1230 Avenue of the Americas

New York, New York 10022

Facsimile: (212) 826-2198

Attention: John Knox



Notes Trustee

U.S. Bank National Association

100 Wall Street, Suite 1600

New York, New York 10005

Facsimile: (212) 809-4993

Attention: Corporate Trust Group


Irish Listing Agent and the Note Paying Agent in Ireland:

NCB Stockbrokers Limited

3 George's Dock,

International Financial Services Centre

Dublin 1, Ireland

Facsimile: (353) 1 611 5998

Attention: Joanne McEnteggart


Swap Counterparty and Cap Provider:

Bank of New York

Swap and Derivatives Products Group

Treasury Division

32 Old Slip, 15th Floor

New York, New York 10286

Telephone: (212) 635-1105

Facsimile: (212) 635-1958

Telex No.: TRT17763

Answerback: BONY

Attention: Stephen Lawler, Senior Vice President


Irish Stock Exchange:

The Company Announcements Office

The Irish Stock Exchange

28 Anglesea Street

Dublin 2 Ireland







This announcement has been issued through the Companies Announcement Service of

The Irish Stock Exchange



*  The Collateral Agent shall not be responsible for the use of the CUSIP, CINS, ISIN or Common Code numbers selected, nor is any representation made as to their correctness indicated in the notice or as printed on any Note or Preference Share. The numbers are included solely for the convenience of such Holders. 

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