Source - SMW
hVIVO says its landmark asthma stratification initiative is now under way, with the first volunteer inoculated with human rhinovirus (HRV) at hVIVO's London based clinical research unit. 

 The hVIVO asthma stratification program will characterise asthma patients according to clinical and biomarker phenotypes following HRV challenge to discover a more effective way to differentiate subtypes of asthma patients - enabling the development of targeted therapies, disease biomarkers and more precision medicine-based approaches to asthma care.

hVIVO says there are currently no simple tests to diagnose asthma or differentiate between various asthma phenotypes, and no easy way to predict when a patient is at risk of an asthma attack or exacerbation, making it difficult to develop targeted therapies today.  

Historically treated as one condition, up to 10% of asthma patients do not respond well to current treatments and 50% of adult asthma patients in the US have asthma that is uncontrolled - highlighting the urgent need for more personalised therapies.