Source - SMW
All Star maintains its holding of just over 5.5 million  shares in NQ Minerals and remains optimistic about its prospects.

All Star says that although the performance of NQ Minerals' share price has proved to be disappointing so far in 2016, All Star's board of remains optimistic for the prospects of NQ Minerals given the tenement package that it owns and the drilling results as announced on 14 June 2016.

Furthermore, two directorate appointments were made by NQ Minerals on 22 and 30 August respectively. 

The individuals appointed are highly experienced mining professionals with many decades of experience.

In addition, the All Star board also notes that NQ Minerals recently raised US$150,000 at 8.4p. This was at a significant premium to the underlying share price and was another positive announcement made by NQ Minerals.

The board of All Star continues to await further news and drilling results from NQ Minerals to fully understand the potential of the Company.