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Monthly Portfolio Update

Capital Gearing Trust P.l.c. announces that, as at 31 August 2016, it held the following investments in other listed closed-ended investment funds, which do not have a stated investment policy to invest no more than 15% of their total assets in other listed closed-ended investment funds:

Name Percentage of portfolio
Highbridge Multi-Strategy 1.14%
Utilico Finance Ltd Zero Div Pref 2018 0.84%
Phoenix Spree Deutschland 0.70%
Utilico Finance Ltd Zero Div Pref 2020 0.70%
Utilico Finance Ltd Zero Div Pref 2016 0.69%
Alliance Trust 0.69%
Miton Worldwide Growth Investment Trust 0.39%
Apax Global Alpha 0.20%
Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust 0.13%
DW Catalyst Fund 0.12%
BH Global 0.09%
Hansa Trust 'A' (Non-Voting) 0.08%
LMS Capital 0.07%
CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities 0.06%
Dexion Absolute EUR 0.01%
Dexion Absolute USD 0.01%
Total 5.92%

Capital Gearing Trust P.l.c. also announces that, as at 31 August 2016, the ten

largest investments were as follows:

Name Percentage of portfolio
UK Treasury 0.125% Index-Linked 2019 5.16%        
UK Treasury 1.25% Index-Linked 2017 5.12%        
North Atlantic Smaller Companies 3.73%
UK Treasury 0.125% Index-Linked 2024 3.07%
USA Treasury 1.375% Index-Linked 2018 2.89%        
USA Treasury 2.0% Index-Linked 2026 2.79%        
USA Treasury 0.625% Index-Linked 2021 2.33%
NB Private Equity 2.29%
M&G High Income Investment Trust 2.26%        
UK Treasury Bill 2017 2.24%        
Total 31.88%

There were no additional investments with a value greater than 5% of the Company's portfolio.

It should be noted that the above percentages are calculated using 'bid' prices.


Steven Cowie, Company Secretary
Email: [email protected]

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