Source - SMW
Stewart & Wight said in an interim management statement that all of its properties are let and the tenants are up-to-date with their rents.

"Since June, the Company has sold both of its properties in South Shields - one at a gain of approximately £40,000 over its valuation at 31 March 2016 and the other at a loss of approximately £30,000," it added.

"Planning permission has been obtained for the erection of three studio apartments at  the rear of the Company's property in Weybridge. The Board are evaluating whether to carry out the development.

"Since the beginning of the year, we have seen a noticeable increase in demand from retailers for units in a number of towns.  However, the market remains uncertain.

"There appears to be greater interest in retail investments valued below £1m from private investors seeking to receive a realistic return on their savings."