Source - SMW
Digital Barriers, the specialist provider of visually intelligent solutions to the global surveillance, security and safety markets, has secured a $2.2m contract for the group's EdgeVis Live advanced wireless surveillance technology. 

The revenue associated with this contract, agreed with a flagship US Federal law enforcement agency, is expected to be fully recognised in this financial year and lead to further material awards, both this year and in subsequent years.  

The reach and strength of the acquired Brimtek business, the purchase of which was completed in March of this year, played an important role in securing this important contract.

The group's EdgeVis Live surveillance technology offers users secure distribution of real-time video from anywhere to anywhere. 

 It features end-to-end security, real world resilience and network optimisation that can stream usable, live video using 60 per. cent less bandwidth than standard technologies. EdgeVis Live delivers significant capability benefits and material cost savings over competing technologies, and has now been sold into many of the world's leading law enforcement and defence agencies.