Source - SMW
The Office for National Statistics revealed that between February to April and May to July, the number of people in work increased. 

Records revealed 1.63 million unemployed people, people not in work but seeking and available to work, 39,000 fewer than for February to April 2016, 190,000 fewer than for a year earlier and the lowest since March to May 2008.

The number of unemployed people and the number of people not working and not seeking or available to work fell.

There were 31.77 million people in work, 174,000 more than for February to April and 559,000 more than a year earlier.

Approximately 23 million people are working full-time, 434,000 more than than a year earlier.

The employment rate, the proportion of people aged from 16-64 who were in work, was 74.5%, the joint highest since comparable records began in 1971.