Source - SMW
International market research agency BrainJuicer returned to double digit revenue growth after two years of relatively pedestrian progress.  

The group was  helped by the fall in the value of the pound, but even in constant currency terms it says it had an encouraging 6 months.  

Revenue grew 12% (8% in constant currency) to £13.04m and gross profit, its main top line indicator, rose by 15% (11% in constant currency) to £10.68m.   Normalised profit before tax grew 22% to £2.00m  and reported profit before tax increased by 45% to £1.65m.

Other highlights:

 - 38% increase in profit after tax to £1.05m (H1 2015: £0.76m)

- 41% increase in fully diluted earnings per share to 7.9p (H1 2015: 5.6p)

- £5.18m cash at period end (31 December 2015: £6.37m) and no debt

*  £2.21m returned to shareholders by way of dividends and share buy-backs in H1

- £1.62m dividends to be paid in October 2016 (13.1p per share):

* Interim dividend of 1.1p per share (2015 interim dividend: 1.0p)

*  Special dividend of 12.0p per share

Founder and chief juicer John Kearon said: "It's enormously gratifying being back to double-digit growth.  The business is now almost exclusively Juicy (our pioneering System1 research methods) and quantitative, enhancing our distinctiveness and ability to scale and grow revenues ahead of costs.  The strong growth in our System1 Brand Tracking and Ad Testing services has also increased the proportion of business which is Ongoing in nature and therefore more stable."