Source - SMW
Kalibrate Technologies' revenues rose by 7% to $34.9 million in the year to the end of June.

Pricing revenue rose 3% to $22.2 million while planning revenue surged 15% to $12.7 million. The group also strengthened annualised recurring revenues to $23 million, an increase of $2 million since 30 June 2015.

Underlying EBITDA was  maintained at $4.3 million (2015: $4.36 million) following:

*  continued investment in infrastructure to meet demand for future software as a service and new Merchandise Pricing and Promotion Solution

*   change in mix between Pricing and Planning

Underlying operating profit fell to  $2.6 million (2015: $3.2 million) and profit before tax was $1.8 million (2015: $2.3 million).

Chief executive Bob Stein said: "We are pleased to report our financial results which are in line with market expectations. Our key strategies deployed since the IPO continue to result in year-on-year growth. As we enter a new financial year, in order to enhance sustainable growth in the longer term, we will increase our capital allocation in the key growth areas that we have identified.

"In FY17, we will strategically invest from operating cash flow in positioning Kalibrate to the opportunities in Rest of World, in particular India, Asia and Africa, where we see opportunities for growth as deregulating markets can benefit from our expertise. 

"At the same time, as sales cycles in emerging markets tend to be more challenging, we will diversify our offer by investing in our new Merchandise Pricing and Promotion platform and improved wholesale/B2B Pricing proposition to provide new products to our global client base.

"We look forward to the year ahead with optimism believing this planned investment will allow us to capitalise on the opportunities open to us and position the Group well for continued success."