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Results of the Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting of Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC held on Wednesday, 21 September 2016, all resolutions were duly passed.  Details of the proxy votes received can be found on the Company’s website

Resolutions 1 to 9 related to Ordinary Business. Resolutions 10 to 14 related to Special Business, as set out below:

Resolution 10: To allot ordinary shares in accordance with statutory pre-emption rights.

Resolution 11: To allot ordinary shares otherwise than in accordance with statutory pre-emption rights.

Resolution 12: To disapply pre-emption rights on the reissue of ordinary shares from treasury.

Resolution 13: To make market purchases of the Company’s ordinary shares.

Resolution 14: To hold general meetings (other than annual general meetings) on not less than 14 working days’ notice.

Under listing rule 9.6.2, the resolutions passed as Special Business will be submitted to the UK Listing Authority, and will shortly be available via the National Storage Mechanism, which is located at


21 September 2016

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