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Infinity 2007-1 Soprano
22 September 2016




Infinity 2007-1 "SoPRANo"


(the Issuer)


Notice to the holders of the


EUR 774,400,000 Class A Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478420)

EUR 56,300,000 Class B Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478438)

EUR 54,000,000 Class C Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478446)

EUR 48,400,000 Class D Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478453)

EUR 54,000,000 Class E Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478479)

EUR 26,350,000 Class F Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478487)

EUR 15,000,000 Class G Floating Rate Asset Backed Notes due 5 November 2019

(ISIN: FR0010478495)


(the Noteholders and the Notes respectively)


Reference is made to the prospectus dated 29 May 2007 with respect to the issue of the Notes (the Prospectus). Capitalised terms used but not defined in this notice shall have the meanings given to them in the Prospectus.


Reference is made to the loan referred to as the "EHE Pool 1A Reference Obligation" in the Prospectus.


Portfolio property sale


As referenced in the notice to Noteholders issued by the Issuer on 18 May 2016, the marketing of the remaining 12 EHE Pool 1A Reference Properties (the Properties) had commenced and the Properties have been allocated into 2 sub-portfolios. The first sub-portfolio known as Octagon includes 7 retail and 1 industrial property and the second known as Quattro consists of 4 shopping centres: the allocation of Properties is as follows:.


Octagon: Angersdorf, Essen, Meiningen, Mulheim x2, Radebeul, Schwalmtal, Suhl


Quattro: Itzehoe, Nordhausen, Sonderhausen, Wuppertal


Following a full marketing process of the Octagon portfolio the Special Servicer has consented to the EHE Pool 1A Reference Entities which own the Properties in the Octagon portfolio entering into a consensual sale of those Properties for a gross sale price of EUR 31 million. The sale and purchase agreement was signed and notarised on 12th September 2016.



Controlling Class Representative


In accordance with the EHE Pool 1A Servicing Agreement, the Special Servicer has consulted with, and obtained the support of the Controlling Class Representative in relation to the above.



Further information will be provided in relation to the outcome of the selling activity when available.


This notice is given by the Issuer on

22 September 2016


This notice is issued by the Issuer solely to provide the existing Noteholders as "Addressees" certain information regarding the Reference Properties Pool, the Reference Obligation and the Notes. This notice is solely directed at the Addressees and should not be relied upon or used by any other person. None of the foregoing is intended or should be construed as investment, financial, legal or tax advice by or on behalf of the Issuer or the EHE Pool 1A Servicer or their respective directors, officers, agents, attorneys or employees. Each person receiving this notice should seek the advice of its own advisors in respect of the matters set forth herein. NOTHING IN THIS NOTICE CONSTITUTES ANY PROMOTION IN RESPECT OF ANY INVITATION, ENDORSEMENT OR OFFER TO INVEST OR DEAL IN THE REFERENCE PROPERTIES POOL, THE REFERENCE OBLIGATION OR THE NOTES OR IN ANY OTHER ASSETS, SECURITIES OR FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS IN ANY JURISDICTION.

This notice is not being distributed by, nor has it been approved for the purposes of section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) by a person authorised under FSMA. This notice does not constitute any form of commitment, advice or recommendation on the part of the EHE Pool 1A Servicer or its officers, affiliates, advisors, agents or representatives in relation to any transaction. Accordingly, Addressees should not rely on or use this notice for any purpose, in particular trading any debt under the Reference Obligation or the Notes issued by the Issuer or any other entity.

The EHE Pool 1A Servicer has reviewed the contents of this notice.

The information contained herein has not been independently verified by the Issuer or the EHE Pool 1A Servicer. Without prejudice to the foregoing (and without purporting to limit any person's liability for fraudulent misrepresentation), no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by the EHE Pool 1A Servicer or the EHE Pool 1A Servicer's officers, affiliates, advisers, agents and representatives in relation to the accuracy or completeness of this notice or any other written or oral information made available to any Addressee or its advisers and any such liability is expressly disclaimed.






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