Source - SMW
FinnAust Mining  has completed its 2016 work programme at the Pituffik titanium project in Greenland.

The programme was designed in consultation with SRK Exploration Services ('SRK') and executed by the Danish Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland ('GEUS'). 

Key deliverables from this work are the production of an initial JORC resource and identification of optimal areas to focus current "wet mining" trade-off studies as well as larger metallurgical samples for on-going test work.


More than 500 auger and vibracore drill holes were completed along with extensive trenching and sampling across the project area during the 2016 field season. Figure 1 (see PDF link) shows the locations where work programmes were undertaken.


As a result of the 2016 fieldwork, the Company has confirmed the two core target areas that will become the focus with respect to future studies. These are:


-    Moriusaq Bay and surrounding area, a low-medium tonnage target that encapsulates the bay and proximal active and raised beaches with grades in some areas estimated to be in excess of 85% ilmenite; and


-   Interlak, an area dominated by huge deltaic deposits with associated adjacent high grade beaches (see Figure 1 in PDF link) with grades in some areas estimated to be in excess of 70% ilmenite occurring as thick sedimentary bands.


On the active and raised beaches, a total of 260 auger holes and trenches were sampled during 2016.  Additional trenches were completed for metallurgical sampling purposes as well as stratigraphic mapping purposes, creating a bulk metallurgical sample in excess of 500kg.  This sample has been sent to Perth, Australia where analysis of the sample will be undertaken to continue to optimise the mineral beneficiation process.