Source - SMW
London Finance & Investment Group's net assets increased by 22.6% from 50.1p per share to 61.4p in the year to the end of June.

Strategic investments have increased in value over the year by 6.0%, from £11,694,000 to £12,417,000 largely due to the increase in value of our investment in Finsbury Food Group Plc. Strategic investments are yielding 2.9% (2015 – 2.7%).

The general portfolio increased over the year by 22.8% from £5,801,000 to £7,125,000 and is yielding 2.4% (2015 – 2.9%).

Operating cost were broadly in line with 2015.

The group achieved a profit for the year, before tax and changes to the fair value adjustments of investments, of £1,683,000 (2015- £334,000).  The profit, after positive fair value adjustments, tax and non-controlling interest was £3,873,000 (2015 - £1,978,000) giving a headline earnings per share of 5.2p (2015 –headline earnings per share of 0.8p).