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Invesco Perpetual Select Trust plc

Voting Rights and Share Capital

The following shares were in issue at close of business on 30 September 2016:

-    39,632,355 UK Equity Shares of 1p each plus 6,223,000 UK Equity Shares held in Treasury;

-    32,609,001 Global Equity Income Shares of 1p each plus 3,668,000 Global Equity Income Shares held in Treasury;

-    7,107,347 Balanced Risk Shares of 1p each plus 4,240,000 Balanced Risk Shares held in Treasury; and

-    5,850,501 Managed Liquidity Shares of 1p each plus 6,837,785 Managed Liquidity shares held in Treasury.

The number of votes per share of each class vary with the net asset value (NAV) of the respective underlying portfolio and is determined in accordance with the following formula:

V = A / B


V is the number of votes for each share of a particular class;

A is the portfolio NAV for the relevant share class; and

B is the number of shares of the relevant class in issue (excluding Treasury shares).

The value of A / B (the net asset value per share) for each class is calculated and announced (expressed in pence) daily.

Applying the NAV per share as at 30 September 2016 for each share class the resultant voting rights are as follows:

Shares in issue
(excluding treasury)
NAV applied Voting Rights
UK Equity Shares 39,632,355 170.84p 67,707,915
Global Equity Income Shares 32,609,001 177.47p 57,871,194
Balanced Risk Shares 7,107,347 131.49p 9,345,450
Managed Liquidity Shares 5,850,501 103.16p 6,035,376
Total 140,959,935


Invesco Asset Management Limited
Corporate Company Secretary
3 October 2016