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Paris, October 4th, 2016

SUBJECT: Change in the mutual fund AMUNDI ETF MSCI EMU UCITS ETF

Dear Sir or Madam,

In your capacity as a unit holder of the fund AMUNDI ETF MSCI EMU UCITS ETF, we inform you that AMUNDI ASSET MANAGEMENT (the “Management Company”) has decided to change the Investment Strategy and in particular the fund management methodology from 13 October 2016, to take into account the changing requirements of its clients.

The management method applied from 13 October 2016 is direct replication, which involves investing in financial securities making up the index in proportions very similar to those of the Index.

1. Description of the change in your fund

Change in the Investment Strategy concerning the management method

The management method applied from 13 October 2016 is “index-tracking” management using the “direct replication” method, under which the fund portfolio will be invested in financial securities making up the MSCI EMU benchmark index in proportions very similar to those of the index.

As a reminder, the investment strategy applied until 12/10/2016 involves achieving the performance of the MSCI EMU benchmark index using the “indirect” or synthetic replication method, which involves buying a diversified portfolio of shares and an over-the-counter forward swap on shares and indices, thereby replacing exposure to securities in the Portfolio with exposure to the MSCI EMU Index.

This modification will be associated with a change in the fund's name. From 13 October 2016, the fund will become “AMUNDI ETF MSCI EMU UCITS ETF DR”.

The modified Key Investor Information Documents and prospectus as well as a list of the AMUNDI ETF equity funds eligible for the PEA are available on request from AMUNDI ASSET MANAGEMENT and on

2. Effects of the modification of your fund

- Risk profile

Change in the yield / risk profile:


The change in the investment strategy leads to a modification of the Risk Profile section of the prospectus. The description of counterparty risk and risk of using derivatives has been adapted to this new method of direct replication.

Increase of the yield/risk profile:


Increase in costs:


However, to ensure that the actual costs of adjustment of the portfolio are borne by participants in the primary market, subscription and redemption fess will be charged by the fund from 13 October 2016.

- Place and methods of publication or communication of the net asset value:

From 13 October 2016, the net asset value of each unit category will be calculated and published each day when the Euronext Paris listing market is open or if one of the markets on which the Fund is listed for trading is open (in particular Borsa Italiana, Deutsche Börse and London Stock Exchange), apart from days when the markets where the securites making up the index are listed for trading are closed, provided that the orders placed on the primary and secondary markets can be covered.

If these changes do not suit you, you may have your units redeemed before 1 October 2016. Purchases and sales on the secondary market do not incur any subscription or redemption fees. Nevertheless, placing a stock market order will trigger costs over which the Management Company has no influence.

In order to determine the best vehicle for your investment, please contact your usual financial adviser. He/she will help you to determine the most appropriate choices for the management of your portfolio

Yours faithfully.


Fannie Wurtz

Managing Director Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta

Head office: 90, boulevard Pasteur - 75015 Paris - France

Postal address: 90, boulevard Pasteur - CS 21 564 - 75730 Paris Cedex 15 - France

Tel.: +33 (0)1 76 33 30 30 -

Limited company with capital of €596,262,615 euros - registration No. 437 574 452 RCS Paris

Portfolio management company approved by the French Market Regulator (AMF) under reference No. GP 04000036.

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