Source - SMW
Highlands Natural Resources has concluded its preliminary analysis on data collected over a three week period following the completion of recent testing campaigns for DT Ultravert in the Piceance Basin, Colorado.

 This analysis suggests a successful initial demonstration of DT Ultravert as a solution for both protecting existing wells (known as 'parent wells') from damage caused by a new threat that has emerged to the industry, known as 'bashing', and enhancing well productivity by facilitating the re-fracking of horizontal wells.  

Testing of DT Ultravert began in September in cooperation with Laramie Energy, Schlumberger and Calfrac Well Services Corp.


-    No reduction observed in the original decline curve in either parent well, indicating that 'bashing' has been successfully avoided  

-    Desired pressure build-up achieved in both parent wells treated with DT Ultravert, a critical element of a successful diversion process  

-    Overall, the technical results suggest a successful initial demonstration of DT Ultravert in parent well protection and child well enhancement applications