Source - SMW
Healthcare services provider UDG Healthcare has confirmed capacity expansion projects in the US and UK by its division Sharp Packaging Services.

In the US, Sharp had bought a 146,000 sq ft pharmaceutical packaging facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US from Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (DSI) for a total of $14m, including all equipment and employees. 

The facility was FDA approved and included four packaging equipment lines, cold and frozen storage, office space, warehousing and an analytical laboratory.

As part of the transaction, DSI would also become a commercial and clinical client, with Sharp providing packaging services for a number of their US branded products and clinical trial activity. 

This acquisition was expected to have an immaterial impact on FY 2017 profitability.

In the UK, Sharp had announced a £9m investment in a new facility in Rhymney, South Wales for its clinical packaging business. 

"The initial phase of the expansion, which is expected to be completed by late 2018, will involve the acquisition and renovation of a 110,000 sq ft facility within the site, more than triple the size of the current UK facility," the company said. 

Initially 75,000 sq ft would be fitted out. The site also benefited from the potential for further significant capacity expansion.