Source - SMW
Vipera has announced a multi-year agreement with Bankart d.o.o., a payment processor, providing ATM, POS, card and SEPA processing services to 26 banks and other financial institutions in five countries in southeastern Europe. 

Vipera would initially be providing a mobile wallet and mobile payment solution utilising Host Card Emulation (HCE), the new and universally recognised technology for implementing mobile contact-less payments.

Its proprietary mobile banking and payment platform, Motif, enabled financial services and retail customers to effectively manage their digital channels and provide a range of services in a single user experience. 

Motif was integrated with Mastercard and Visa's tokenization services which would orchestrate the HCE processes for Bankart. 

The Motif platform was a multi-tenant solution, allowing Bankart to serve all of its territories and customers from a central installation and allowed end users to perform payments from their Android mobile phones.

The multi-year agreement included a licence fee linked to volumes. This would enable Bankart to offer a range of additional services to its client banks and their customers, leveraging the Motif platform.