Source - SMW
Talvivaara Mining Company has been informed about the decision regarding charges related to its disclosure practices. 

The Helsinki District Court has given a suspended sentence to CEO Pekka Pera for disclosure offenses during 2012-2013. 

Of the ten charges concerning Pera, seven were dismissed in their entirety and one partially. 

The other defendants, former CEO  Harri Natunen and former CFO/deputy CEO Saila Miettinen-Lahde were given fines. 

The court ordered the company to 50 000 EUR corporate fines, which according to the company is however considered restructuring debt.

"The Company and the defendants continue assessing the ruling and its merits, and it is likely that the handling of the case will continue at the Helsinki Court of Appeals," the company said.

In addition, the Helsinki District Court gave a decision on the charges against a member of the company's executive committee on the misuse of inside information and gave to the executive committee member a suspended sentence for misuse inside information. 

The company was not involved in the matter.

"In Talvivaara's view, the decisions by the District Court have no effect on the Company or its financial position nor do they give any reason to reassess the position of the CEO."