Source - SMW
Mail.Ru Group Ltd said that orders in Delivery Club hit a new high in May 2017.    In May 2017, the number of orders delivered by Delivery Club and ZakaZaka increased 2.5-times on the year to to 957,000 monthly orders.

"This growth is mainly driven by the continued growth in both customer numbers, and orders per customer as the culture and regularity of food delivery continues to grow," the company said. 

"An increasing number of people now perceive Delivery Club as an everyday option, using it not only on a special occasion, but also to order a regular lunch or dinner," it added. 

"Thus, the daily and weekly structure of orders has changed with the share of lunchtime and weekday orders increasing by 10%. Additionally retention has nearly doubled, with around half of the users making the second order within 30 days of the first one.

Mail.Ru said the factors contributing to the increase in the number of orders also included the growing number of partner restaurants (there were now moret than 5200 connected restaurants in 92 cities), launch of the referral program offering substantial discounts to participants, improved search in mobile apps and the expansion of the Delivery Express service zone.