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Ashtead Group PLC

20th June 2017

Director / PDMR Shareholding

Ashtead Group plc (the “Company”) announces that on 19th June 2017 it made the annual awards for 2017 to 193 senior executives under its Performance Share Plan (“PSP”).

Awards under the PSP comprise the conditional right to receive ordinary shares of 10p each, which for the directors ordinarily vest on the fifth anniversary of grant for awards made on and after 2017. Vesting of awards is subject to continued employment and the achievement of challenging performance targets set by the Remuneration Committee.  The Company intends to utilise shares held by the Group’s Employee Share Ownership Trust to fulfil any obligations to award shares to employees, which may arise.

The following awards were made to the executive directors and PDMRs:

Director Number of ordinary 10p
shares covered by the award
Geoff Drabble 97,287
Sat Dhaiwal 26,195
Brendan Horgan 66,108
Suzanne Wood 46,591
Kurt Kenkel *  17,300
Russ Brown *  16,527
Francis Hassis       *  16,527
Tim Robinette      *  8,880
Phil Parker ** 5,395

The exercise price for the above awards is GBP1 for all ordinary shares to which the award relates.  No consideration was paid for the grant of any of these awards.

The Company further announces that the awards made to its executive directors and PDMRs in June 2014 vested on 19th June 2017.

As a result of the vesting of the 2014 award the directors and PDMRs received the following number of ordinary 10p shares:

Geoff Drabble 111,314
Sat Dhaiwal 27,794
Brendan Horgan 46,683
Suzanne Wood 45,834
Kurt Kenkel 22,486
Russ Brown 21,474
Francis Hassis 21,474
Tim Robinette 4,319

The directors and PDMRs sold these ordinary 10p shares on 19th June 2017 at 1,622 pence per share.

The directors’ total shareholdings are:

Number of ordinary
10p shares
Percentage of issued
Share capital
Geoff Drabble   1,334,159 0.27
Sat Dhaiwal 150,000 0.03
Brendan Horgan 493,874 0.10
Suzanne Wood 208,805 0.04

*     Sunbelt Rentals’ operational executives

**   A Plant’s finance director


Eric Watkins, General Counsel. Tel: 020 7726 9740