Source - SMW
Empyrean Energy said it had been advised by Conrad Petroleum, the operator of the Duyung PSC in the Natuna Basin Offshore Indonesia, that the Mako South-1 well had reached its planned total depth and that coring and logging had been completed and testing was under way.

Empyrean said that since the 21 June update, drilling operations to acquire a conventional core of the target zone of interest was successful with approximately 99% recovery. 

Following the recovery of core, the well was drilled to its planned TD of 1,707 feet. 

Hepta Combo logs were then successfully run. 

Subsequently, MDT logs were successfully run. The well is currently undergoing a drill stem testto establish an indicative flow rate. 

It said further updates would be made once a stabilised flow rate including gas quality and pressure data had been acquired.