Source - PRN


The unaudited net asset values for BlackRock Latin American Investment Trust
plc at close of business on 12 October 2017 were:

728.74c per share (US cents) - Capital only
730.72c per share (US cents) - Including current year income XD
553.48p per share (pence sterling) Capital only
554.98p per share (pence sterling) - Including current year income XD


1.        Investments have been valued on a bid price basis.

2.        Revenue items included in net asset value, with dividends payable
deducted on the ex-dividend date.

3.        The Company has 39,369,620 ordinary shares in issue (excluding
2,071,662 ordinary shares which are held in treasury).

4.        For the latest daily net asset value, previous month end performance
statistics, asset allocation and ten largest holdings of the BlackRock managed
Investment Trusts; see BLRKINDEX on Reuters or page 8800 on ICB (Topic 3).

5.        With effect from 30 March 2017, the Company's Net Asset Value (NAV)
includes a provision for Capital Gains Tax potentially payable in Argentina. 
As at 11 October 2017 this provision was 0.19% of the NAV (0.13% on unrealised
gains and 0.06% on realised gains since 23 September 2013).  There is
considerable uncertainty as to whether the Capital Gains Tax will become
payable and there is currently no established mechanism for paying it. In the
event that no tax becomes payable the provision will be reversed.