Source - SMW
Former pensions minister Ros Altmann will vote against the Government tonight over its refusal to protect financial consumers.

Altmann  says it is hard to understand why ministers are  blocking measures to ban pensions cold-calling and offer breathing space for debts.

Altmann believes the Government faces potential defeat in the House of Lords this evening if it refuses to agree to cross-party amendments at the  report stage of the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill.

She said: 'Having announced it wants to ban pensions cold-calling and introduce breathing space for people with unmanageable debts to help reschedule their payments, it is hard to understand why ministers are refusing to agree to introduce the necessary legislation in the Bill now going through Parliament. 

'Yet there is widespread support for this ban, across all political parties, consumers groups and providers.

 'The Government has so far resisted all calls for these measures to be included in the Bill. Indeed, it has indicated that any legislation may have to wait until 2020. 

'By that time, millions more people will have been plagued by nuisance calls, will be at risk of scams, and may lose their pensions. 

'If the Government is serious about protecting consumers, then it has the ideal opportunity to act now.'

Altmann said she did not want to vote against the Government. But she added: 'I came into politics with the aim of improving consumer protection and financial education, ensuring customers were treated more fairly by financial firms.'