Source - SMW
Galliford Try continues to see good market conditions across its three businesses, shareholders at today's annual general meeting will be told.

Chief executive Peter Truscott will say: 'Linden Homes has enjoyed average sales rates of 0.62 units per site per week since the start of the financial year (2016: 0.56 for the equivalent period), providing a good in hand position of sales reserved, contracted or completed of £652 million (2016: £614 million). 

'Linden Homes has a landbank of 11,200 plots (2016: 11,430) with land opportunities remaining positive. 100% of land required for the current financial year is in place and 93% of land is secured for the financial year to 30 June 2019.

'Our Partnerships & Regeneration business is capitalising on its strong position in the sector, delivering accelerated growth and operating margin progression in line with its strategy. 

'The operating environment following recent Government announcements has provided increased certainty to clients to bring forward investment. 

'The order book is at a record level of £1.3 billion (2016: £873 million) with significant growth in pipeline opportunities as preferred bidder and within the secured landbank for land-led, mixed-tenure schemes. 

'The integration and performance of Drew Smith, acquired in May 2017, has been positive and there has been excellent growth in the new regional businesses in the East Midlands and West of England as they establish balanced portfolios of contracting and mixed-tenure opportunities.

'Construction continues to maintain an excellent order book of £3.6 billion (2016: £3.4 billion) based on robust bid selection criteria. 

'The underlying business continues to perform well and progress on the resolution of legacy contracts is in line with the position indicated in September 2017. 94% of projected revenue for the financial year to 30 June 2018 is secured with 51% of projected revenue for the financial year to 30 June 2019 secured (2016: 90% and 52% respectively).

'Since the start of the financial year, average net debt has been below budgeted levels.

'As outlined in our annual results statement in September 2017, we continue to make good progress against our strategy to 2021 with clearly defined plans across all of the three businesses that are integral to Galliford Try, which provides the Board with confidence in its ability to deliver a strong performance even in a period of lower growth in the wider economy.'