Source - SMW
Beowulf Mining has issued an an update on the Kallak North exploitation concession application process.

The company said it understood that the Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieambetet, 'RAA') and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvardsverket, 'NV') had provided comments in a letter to the County Administrative Board ('CAB') for the County of Norrbotten, ahead of the CAB's response to the government of Sweden due 1 Dec.   Beowulf said RAA and NV had confirmed to the CAB that the information provided by the company was possibly sufficient for the CAB to provide its opinion to the government, on whether mining was an appropriate land use for Kallak with reference to chapters 3 and 4 of the Environmental Code.

Chief executive Kurt Budge said: 'It is good to see that the company's additional work, in support of its application, has been acknowledged by RAA and NV. 

'Recently, the company has written to the two agencies, to ensure they are well-informed on the latest developments with respect to Kallak and Beowulf, providing them with documentation submitted to the CAB and the Mining Inspectorate, the Copenhagen Economics Study, and details on the Scoping Study.

'We made RAA and NV aware of what I, and Goran Farm our new Swedish chairman have been saying about the company's development philosophy for Kallak, the design, engineering, and operation of a modern and sustainable mine.  

'As is RAA and NV's remit, their comments are restricted to their specific areas of expertise.

'While deliberations continue with the company's application, the company has been maintaining itself for four and a half years, and by the time the scoping study is complete we will have invested circa SKr100 million in Kallak. 

'We continue to invest on the basis that we have satisfied the requirements to be granted an Exploitation Concession, in accordance with the prescribed process, and Swedish law, and as validated by statements from the Swedish authorities, the CAB and the Mining Inspectorate, in 2015 and 2017.

'Jokkmokk needs Kallak - new enterprise, new jobs, and the hope of an economic future to improve its current situation.  

'A brighter future for Jokkmokk will benefit all members of the community.

'The company has gained the trust and support of the Kommun, landowners, and local entrepreneurs, and remains committed to working with the Sami reindeer herders as we move forward.  

'This is entirely consistent with the approach that I have adopted since I became CEO three years ago, and the focus of our new chairman.'

At 9:19am: (LON:BEM) Beowulf Mining PLC share price was -0.37p at 7.38p