Source - SMW
Advanced Oncotherapy, the developer of next-generation proton therapy systems for cancer treatment, said it remained on schedule with the development of the first LIGHT system.   The company said it continued to make significant advancements in the technology development and manufacture of its first LIGHT system following the successful integration and testing of the first Side Coupled Drift Tube Linac  with the Radiofrequency Quadrupole and proton source. 

It said lower power testing of the individual accelerating SCDTL units had met expectations and results provided confidence that the units were now capable of accelerating a proton beam to 25MeV through the SCDTL. 

It said: 'With much of the technological development now de-risked, the company is on target to have a system capable of treating superficial tumours by the end of Q3 2018.'

The company also said that progress at the Harley Street site remained on-track with the next stage of sub-structural work progressing well. 

Having completed the piling, further excavation work was now in progress.

Chief executive  Nicolas Serandour said: 'I am very pleased that the technological development of our LIGHT system remains on track and, with protons accelerated through three of the main four accelerating structures, the proton source, RFQ and SCDTL, and the design of the fourth accelerating structure already proven, we are confident that we will have a proton therapy system capable of treating superficial tumours by the end of Q3 next year.

'As we come to the end of the year I am delighted that we enter 2018 in a strong position, not only through the technological developments achieved to date, but also through the security of longer-term financing now completed and with good progress to report at our flagship Harley Street site.'