Source - SMW
Italian exports increased by 2% in December from a year ago, with imports 3.7% higher.

Outgoing flows increased by 2.1% for EU countries and by 1.8% for non EU countries, according to Istat. 

The growth in purchases was driven in an increase from the EU area (7.4%) while the non EU area decreased by 1.7%. 

The trade balance in December amounted to + EUR5,253 million.

Month on month, exports rose 0.6% and imports rose 3.3%. Exports increased for EU countries (+2.5%) and fell for non EU countries (-1.8%). Imports rose both for EU countries (+4.5%) and non EU countries (+1.6%). 

In December 2017 the total import price index increased by 0.4 % compared to the previous month. The total 12-month rate of change increased by 1.6%.

The quarterly total index increased by 1.7% compared to the previous period.