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GM Statement

Mechan Controls Plc

Mandicon Plc (the “Company”)

Adjournment of General Meeting.

The Board of Mandicon announces today that due to an insufficient number of proxies being returned to the Company by the correct date, and pursuant to the Company’s articles of association, the General Meeting has been adjourned until Thursday 24 May, at the same time and venue.

As a result of the adjournment of the General Meeting, the proposed resolutions remain open until the reconvened meeting, and as such the Company is expected to remain quoted on NEX until the close of business on Friday 25th May, and valid proxies that have already been received, will remain valid for the reconvened meeting.

The Board confirms that this is a procedural matter and expects all resolutions to be passed at the new meeting, and that it will proceed with the process of returning the capital to the shareholders as indicated in its recent circular.

The Directors of Mandicon PLC accept responsibility for this announcement.