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NB Distressed Debt Invest. Fd. Ltd
15 May 2019

15 May 2019


NB Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited


Portfolio Update - Global Shares


NB Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited's ("NBDDIF") primary objective is to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns through long-biased, opportunistic stressed, distressed and special situation credit-related investments while seeking to limit downside risk.

NBDDIF's holdings are diversified across distressed, stressed and special situations investments, with a focus on senior debt backed by hard assets. The portfolio is managed by the Distressed Debt team at Neuberger Berman, which sits within what we believe is one of the largest and most experienced non-investment grade credit teams in the industry.

The New Global Share Class ("NBDG") was created in March 2014 in order to capture the growing opportunity in distressed debt globally. NBDG's investment period ended on 31 March 2017, following which the harvest period commenced. Including the £6.5 million capital distribution by way of redemption which the board approved during the quarter (and distributed in 2Q19), £33.4 million (equivalent to 30% of original capital), has been distributed to shareholders (income by way of dividend, capital by way of redemption and share buy-backs), since the realisation phase for this share class began.

The New Global Share Class is one of three classes of shares in NBDDIF. The others are the Ordinary Share Class and the Extended Life Share Class. The Ordinary Share Class was subject to an investment period which ended on 10 June 2013 and the Extended Life Share Class was subject to an investment period which ended on 31 March 2015. Separate factsheets are produced for those share classes.



Manager Commentary


NBDG is in the harvest period and the investment manager is working to restructure, reorganise, and realise exits for each investment to maximise the value of the portfolio for the shareholders. During the harvest period, the investment manager seeks a catalyst for each of the remaining investments that will allow for a realisation and return of capital and profits, if applicable.


The investment manager uses economic, industry and issuer specific data to estimate the gross realisable value in downside, base case and upside scenarios for each investment in the portfolio. It currently estimates the range of the aggregated realisable value for the investments in the portfolio is between 94% and 182% of the 31 March 2019 market values of these investments, with a base case of 143%. Shareholders should, however, note that: (i) the realisable values of the investments are calculated on a gross basis and, in particular, do not reflect the investment manager's management fee and investment-related expenses; and (ii) this range of aggregate realisable values is an estimate only, and there is no guarantee that the value actually realised will be within this range. Further details on the risks relating to "forward looking information" are set out at the end of this factsheet.


NBDG had one exit during the quarter, with further details below. Including the Q418 income distribution, the ratio of total value (capital distributions, dividends, share buy-backs and current NAV) to original capital is 91%.



Portfolio Update


NBDG ended the quarter with NAV per share of £0.8964 compared to £0.9244 at the end of December 2018. NBDG's NAV decreased 3% during the quarter due to unrealised mark to market losses on certain reorganised equity investments and a delay in the proceedings for one credit investment. During the harvest period, reorganised equities, including public equities, represent a larger percentage of the fund's investments. More detail can be found below. At quarter-end, 87% of NBDG's NAV was invested in distressed assets (including cash held in subsidiary accounts, receivables and net payables) with 13% held in cash (inclusive of £6.5 million of cash that was distributed in 2Q19).


The current portfolio consists of 20 issuers across 9 sectors. The largest sector concentrations include lodging & casinos, shipping, auto components, and commercial mortgage. Notable events1 below describe activity in the investments during the quarter and post quarter-end.


·      Twin River Worldwide Holdings - During 3Q18 the company announced its intention to merge with a publicly traded competitor, Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment. The merger was completed and Twin River Worldwide Holdings became publicly traded on the last day of 1Q19. Post quarter-end trading levels in the public equity indicate a small increase relative to the private equity price.


·      Vistra - During the quarter, the company initiated a quarterly dividend payment programme targeted to return cash to shareholders and increase share visibility.


·      Oil and Gas: As previously mentioned, the investment entity's directors and requisite shareholders approved the sale of one of its bio-fuel facilities that closed in late 1Q19. The company distributed proceeds to shareholders, which resulted in approximately $1.6 million to NBDG.


Significant Value Change (approximately 0.5% NBDG NAV or +/- £400,000)2





(£ in millions)


(£ in millions)




Public Equity




Better than expected earnings, dividend introduction, reaffirmed strong 2019 guidance

Lodging & Casino

Private Equity




Underperformance relative to budget impacted valuation


Private Notes/ Private Equity




The Company reported below-plan results for 12/31/18


Secured Loan




Delays in legal proceedings pressured the loan price





There was one exit this quarter.


Exit 17


Details of this exit were announced via RNS in February 2019. NBDG had invested £6.4 million to purchase a non-performing loan secured by approximately 60 acres of land adjacent to the gaming corridor in Las Vegas at a significant discount to par value. The lender group foreclosed on the loan collateral, which included undeveloped land and an apartment complex of 998 units. The group made significant improvements to the residential units and worked with advisors to conduct a broad and deep marketing of the property to potential buyers. A Purchase & Sale Agreement was ultimately executed in 3Q18 and the transaction was completed in February 2019. Cash received to date is £6.9million. The total return on the investment for NBDG is £0.5 million over 28 months. The IRR is 4% and ROR is 8%.










£6.4 million

£6.9 million

£0.5 million





Inception to date, NBDG has experienced 17 exits with a total return of £54.5 million, IRR of 16% and ROR of 24%.



Partial Realisations


There was no material partial realisation activity during the quarter. The table below has been updated with current values.






















Lodging & Casino


£4.5 million

£5.9 million

£0.5 million

£1.9 million








he investment manager's current expectation is to distribute 40-45% of 31 March 2019 NAV in 2019, and the remainder in 2020. These expectations are largely unchanged from the previous quarter. In the harvest period, we continue to focus on restructuring and monetising our investments, balancing timely realisations with maximising proceeds to our investors.  Changes to timing are expected and will continue to be updated in the quarterly factsheets. For regulatory reasons, the final 10% of the total return in respect of any class of participating shares in NBDDIF will be returned to shareholders with the final compulsory redemption of all of the outstanding shares of that class.


The Board approved a capital distribution by way of redemption of £6.5 million during the first quarter, which was distributed in 2Q19.



Share Buy-Backs


The company repurchased 200,000 shares in NBDG during the quarter at a weighted average discount of 12.49% and a cost of £161,660. Since inception to date, a total of 12,417,200, or 11.2% of the original NBDG shares, have been repurchased and cancelled.





An accompanying factsheet on the information provided above can be found here on the Company's website Neither the contents of the Company's website nor the contents of any website accessible from hyperlinks on the Company's website (or any other website) is incorporated into, or forms part of, this announcement.


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Data as at 31 March 2019. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. All comments unless otherwise stated relate to NBDG.


Source: Bloomberg, except where otherwise stated.


1.   Notable corporate events may or may not result in an increase or decrease in the value of an NBDG investment or a change in NBDG's NAV per share. Please note that an investment may experience a change in value (positive or negative) during the quarter whether or not it was subject to a notable corporate event. Not all events involving existing investments are disclosed. In addition, certain corporate events may not have been disclosed due to confidentiality obligations.


2.   Industry categorisations determined by Neuberger Berman. Total Return determined by the Administrator and includes realised and unrealised gains and losses, expenses, FX gains and losses, and all income on investments according to US GAAP accounting. References in this factsheet to the market value of specific fund investments refers to the value determined in accordance with NBDG's valuation policy, which may include fair valued investments where third party prices are not available or are not considered accurate.


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