Decontamination device-maker Bioquell (BQE) advances 6.8% to 146p on news that it has effectively put itself up for sale.

The company has announced a strategic review of what remains of its biological contamination control business.

A merger, joint venture or takeover could be on the cards as Bioquell believes it may struggle to win market share against some of the industry’s larger players.

Web - Bioquell - 18 May 2015

The news follows the sale of its testing services business TRaC for £44.5 million in cash in March. The deal was made in a bid to boost shareholder value.

Shares shot up 32.9% to 109p as the market welcomed the sale.

The board has decided to defer returning the £43.9 million proceeds from selling TRaC to shareholders until after the strategic review has been completed.

Issue Date: 18 May 2015