Organ transportation technology developer Lifeline Scientific (LSIC:AIM) advances 5.1% to 216.5p on launching a strategic review.

The result of this study could lead to one of several recommendations, including selling the company, making acquisitions or listing on US stock market Nasdaq.

The review has been initiated to maximise shareholder value after several recent successes, including securing approval to sell its LifePort Kidney Transporter in China.

Turning this ruling into sales will prove a key challenge for the company, which is currently talking to distributors in China. Until an agreement is announced it is difficult to assess its potential market share in the country.

Until such a deal is confirmed or the findings of the review are revealed the company, which makes devices that transports human organs, continues to focus on developing new products and selling its existing offering into new territories.

Web - Lifeline Scientific - 21 September 2015

Whatever the outcome of the review, Lifeline has $3.1 million to invest in its plans.

Analysts have placed their forecasts under review following the news. Lifeline also announced its interim figures. In the six months to June 30 revenue totalled $15 million, a 1.3% rise year-on-year. Gross profit during the period decreased 4.5% to $8.9 million as more of its customers bought lower margin products.

Issue Date: 21 Sep 2015